What We Offer

Walk the Talk Pittsburgh offers transformative dialogue, consulting, conflict resolution, meeting facilitation and interactive workshops uniquely designed for organizations and workplaces who are seeking to be more justice centered. We are deeply rooted in principles of economic and racial justice and support groups in trouble shooting interpersonal dynamics, as well as addressing structural obstacles to justice within the workplace.

Meeting Facilitation & Strategy Retreats: Outside facilitators can be helpful when you want the whole group to weigh in equally. We can help your group navigate difficult topics or issues. is having or in strategy and retreat planning.

Conflict Mediation: yvetta and etta were both trained by Pittsburgh’s Dialogue and Resolution Center and have been community mediators for years.  We offer these skills for conflicts in your organization between groups and individuals.

Workshops and Training:  We lead sessions on Anti-Oppression, Racial Justice, Connecting to Movements for Change, Challenging Racism in the Workplace and Strategic Planning – Turning Ideas into Action.  This is not a definitive list. As we evolve so do our offerings.